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    Mold Testing And Inspection Services

    We offer professional testing services and certified lab results for Mold and Indoor allergens.   Call us and we can help determine if you need mold testing and we can help design a sampling plan.   Mold testing and sampling is requested for a variety of reasons such as  screening for hidden mold that might be growing behind walls or underneath wall paper.

    Because every situation is different we offer many different types of mold and indoor environmental testing.  We have conducted thousands of mold tests and we have the experience to explain the details and help you understand the next steps.

    Two of most popular types of tests are surface sampling and air sampling and each type of test is used for different reasons.  Surface sample testing determines or proves the existence and type of mold present.  Air sample testing for mold is typically performed in order to screen for hidden mold sources or to find out the amount and generally what types of mold spores are in present in the air which helps us and our client understand inhalation exposure of mold in the house.

    Usually, elevated spore counts in the air are a sign that there is a hidden reservoir of mold in the house.  Call us and we can help determine if you need mold testing and we can help design a sampling plan.

    Our mold testing staff are educated in all aspects of mold and not just operating the testing equipment.  As a result we have hands on experience in investigating and removing mold.  The value in conducting testing is to thoughtfully interpret the results and not just leave you with a page full of numbers.  We believe in being experts in all aspects of mold and our goal is to assist in solving your mold problem.

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